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Home Inventories & Collection Cataloging


Is your home the oasis you deserve?

You deserve to live in a home that supports and empowers you, rather than frustrates and exhausts you. Research shows that clutter and disorganization affect our stress and anxiety levels, so it’s not just our imagination that our home makes a significant difference in how we feel and in how we think.

Because let’s face it: it’s pretty tough to find the energy you need to get your particular show on the road when you’re spending time searching for your keys or staring into the abyss of an unruly master closet looking for that one thing you just know is in there…somewhere.

​You deserve to be in control of your stuff, rather than controlled by it. It’s time to take back your home, to make it better.

Come on….let’s get POWERFUL. Let’s get ORGANIZED.



Do you need help getting your home organized? We work with you to transform your spaces into centers of efficiency and calm, and help you develop the habits to keep things under control.



Are you about to embark on a big life transition and need to adjust your space and belongings accordingly? We help you plan and get you organized so the process will go smoothly.



If you had to replace your possessions, would you know what you have? Whether it’s the contents of your whole home or just that special collection close to your heart, we can catalog it all.

Meet Shannon



I’m Shannon Graham-Cornell, owner of Better Home Organizing, and I’m so happy you’re here. I founded this business to help people in all phases of their lives gain control over their homes and “the stuff” within.

Shannon Graham-Cornell, Owner & OrganizerMy hope for you is that together we’ll find the magical places that are waiting to be uncovered in your home. Gaining control over your space is a wonderful, freeing, and empowering feeling that you will want to celebrate.

I’ll guide you through a process of curating your space, organizing those items that remain, and creating personalized systems that you will be able to maintain. And by doing so, I’m confident I can give you a home that works best for you, freeing you to focus on the bigger, better, and completely amazing things happening in your life.

Whether you want to organize the physical spaces of your home, prepare for a downsize or other life transition, or document and catalog your life’s possessions, I’m here to develop a solution that will work for you.

I use my background in project management and operations within higher education, academic libraries, and corporate training as a means to get you organized in a stress-free, well-planned, process-driven way. I also believe it is crucial that we develop systems that will help you maintain your newly organized spaces and create good organizing habits.

I’m not only committed to you as my client, but I’m also committed to furthering the organizing community and to my continued professional development. To that end, I’m a proud member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and their Baltimore chapter. I have earned NAPO’s Specialist Certificates in both Residential Organizing and Life Transitions. I also adhere to NAPO’s Code of Ethics in service to my clients, and my business is fully insured.

Are you ready to get started? Then let’s chat about finding that magic in your home. I’d love to join you on this journey.

What clients have said

“You’ve changed my way of thinking…you have recalibrated my life. I couldn’t envision living with less, but now I want less ‘stuff’ and fewer surfaces. I don’t need all that big furniture because I am cleansing my home of non-necessities. I’m a satisfied customer, beyond anything I could’ve imagined.”

“We hoped that Shannon would help us streamline our home but we didn’t expect her to change our lives. The systems and organization she helped us put in place were amazing, of course, but even more than that, what she did was give us a new way to live.”

“While in the process of serious downsizing from a very large home to a retirement cottage, we used Shannon’s services. Her organizational skills and great ideas saved our sanity.” 

“I now love cooking in my kitchen; the newly streamlined space has unlocked an ease and joy in our home and has totally transformed the way we live.”

“It’s easy and everything works. Cleaning up takes seconds, even though it’s a small space, because I know where everything goes. I feel like I’ll be saying thank you for a long time.”

“Shannon’s process was quick, designed to our habits, and appealing to look at. I recommend her to anyone whose environment is overwhelming because of ‘stuff’ overload.”